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Referring a Patient

If your patient begins to show symptoms of a possible disorder of the brain or neurological system, or if their existing condition is affecting their cognitive brain functions, please fill out the referral form below for Elite Neuroscience Center. We have medical experts in all fields of neurology who can diagnose and treat a full range of brain or neurological conditions, disorders, and diseases. 

All our doctors make a point to work closely with a patient’s existing medical care team so that treatment and prescriptions can be harmonized for maximum results and minimal side effects. 

With the patient’s permission, we can share medical information and are happy to confer as necessary. 

Patient Care

Rest assured that when you refer a patient to Elite Neuroscience Center, he or she will be receiving the finest neurological care possible. We have a staff of world renowned experts and specialists for the care of Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, all forms of dementia, epilepsy, and all other neurological conditions, disorders, and diseases. Plus, we treat patients of all ages.

We always make it a top priority to work with every patient’s existing medical care team to reach a diagnosis, discuss treatment, and coordinate all future prescriptions.  

If you would like to meet with us personally to discuss future referrals, we would love to introduce you to our staff of doctors, give you a tour of our facility, and show you the capabilities of our neurological testing equipment. Please call 469-312-1130 to arrange a visit at your convenience. 

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