We recommend that you make an appointment for yourself or your loved one as soon as symptoms appear from any of the conditions described on our website. The sooner a problem can be diagnosed, the sooner treatment can begin. Not every cognitive dysfunction or neurological disorder can be fully cured, but with early detection many can be greatly improved.

You don’t need a referral from your current doctor to make an appointment, but with your permission we’d like to share the results of any testing with your physician or specialist. We make every effort to coordinate your treatment and prescriptions with your other doctors for maximum results.

Because many neurological disorders can be hereditary, we encourage you to gather your family health history from both sides of your family and bring it to your appointment.

To make your appointment, just call 1-469-312-1130.

Please be sure to bring your insurance ID card, and a form of payment for your co-pay.

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    Alzheimer’s DiseaseCerebrovascular DiseaseCognitive Decline/Memory LossConcussionConfusion/Spells of Alteration AwarenessDementiaDiabetic NeuropathyEpilepsy During PregnancyGeneral NeurologyHeadaches and MigrainesMovement DisordersMultiple Sclerosis (MS)Parkinson's DiseasePolyneuropathy/Nerve and Muscle DisordersSeizure DisordersSleep DisordersStrokeSyncopeTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI)Other

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