What to Expect

When you book an appointment at Elite Neuroscience Center for yourself or a loved one, you’ve made a wise decision to seek the highest level of care. On the initial visit, every patient is first examined by a General Neurologist who will gather information and discuss symptoms, family history, your current prescriptions, other doctors you are seeing, and many other related topics.  

In most cases, there will be some diagnostic testing involved. Elite Neuroscience Center has conveniently located testing equipment onsite. Some of the test results are available within a few minutes, but other tests may require a return visit to review the results and discussion about a treatment plan. The doctor may need to review medical records and confer with the patient’s other doctors before deciding on a treatment.  

Depending on the diagnosis, the General Neurologist may continue treating the patient moving forward, or might decide to have the patient treated by one of our other medical experts who specialize in a particular field here at the Elite Neuroscience Center.  

Patient Information

At Elite Neuroscience Center, we’re committed to providing the highest level of neurological care for every patient. The more general health information we can obtain about each patient, and from their medical care team, the better we can diagnose and treat their condition. Please fill out this form and if you have any additional background information or signs you have observed that might indicate a neurological problem, please let us know. 

We may be contacting other physicians who are part of your medical care team. With the patient’s permission – and only with the patient’s permission – we share medical records and confer with your other doctors regarding your diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions moving forward. 

Diagnostics & Testing

During a patient’s initial visit to Elite Neuroscience Center, the first doctor who meets with you or your family member will be a General Neurologist who will inquire about any and all symptoms that might be occurring such as loss of memory, slurred speech, blurred vision, tingling in the extremities, or anything that might indicate a problem with the brain or nervous system. The doctor will also inquire about any medications you are currently taking, any other diseases that might be present, as well as the patient’s family health history; because some neurological conditions can be hereditary.  

Most likely, your doctor will order some diagnostic testing to guide the process of reaching an accurate diagnosis before discussing a treatment course, or to determine if surgery is needed. Fortunately, most of our testing is done onsite, at Elite Neuroscience Center, for the convenience of our patients. The results of some tests are available in less than an hour, but other tests (such as those for sleep disorders) will take longer and may require a follow-up visit to get the results. If overnight accommodations are required, our staff will be happy to supply information on where to make a reservation nearby.

Once a diagnosis is reached, the General Neurologist may decide to bring in another doctor who specializes in a particular field of neurology required to treat the patient.  Elite Neuroscience Center a full range of world renowned medical experts on staff who can take over treatment. 

Visitor Information

If you or your loved one a would like to take a tour of Elite Neuroscience Center before deciding if this is the right facility for treatment, just call. We’ll be glad to show you our state-of-the-art capabilities, and personally explain the benefits of what we offer. We can review the many types of brain conditions and neurological issues that our experienced physicians treat on a regular basis to make sure Elite Neuroscience Center is the right fit for your condition. We can also discuss what you can expect from a financial standpoint, if surgery or ongoing treatment is necessary.  

If you are coming from out of town and need help finding local accommodations during your visit, just let us know and we can provide information on where you can make a reservation. 


You don’t have to live in the Dallas area to become a patient at Elite Neuroscience Center. Many of our patients travel from out of state to be examined and treated by our world renowned neurological experts. If you or your loved one needs help finding a hotel or other accommodations in the immediate vicinity, we’re happy to provide information on where you can make a reservation. We can also connect you with local providers for ground transportation. 

Of course, not every visit requires an overnight stay. We are conveniently located about 30 minutes from DFW airport with service from all major airlines. Many of our patients are able to fly in and out the same day. 

When making your appointment, please let us know if you need help with travel so we can provide information to help make your entire visit as simple as possible.  

Medical Records

Elite Neuroscience Center keeps detailed medical records on all of our patients’ visits and tests. These records are completely confidential between you and your doctor.  

In many cases, it can be beneficial to compare records with the other doctors you are seeing so that your treatment and prescriptions can be harmonized for maximum results. Your records will only be shared with your permission.

Billing & Insurance

Here at Elite Neuroscience Center, we are happy to work with most major insurance carriers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. When making your appointment, we’ll ask you the name of your insurance provider to help facilitate the billing process. 

Depending on which type of insurance plan you have, your necessary annual deductible, and the tests required during your visit, the copay for each patient may vary. When making your appointment, feel free to ask and we will do our best to let you know the copay amount due at the time of your visit.  

If your insurance plan does not cover all the necessary costs for treatment and you need further financial assistance, we can provide information for obtaining additional financing.  


Elite Neuroscience Center is not an emergency clinic, so if you or your loved one are currently experiencing signs of a stroke or have recently suffered a traumatic head injury, it’s important to seek emergency medical care immediately, so please call 911. 

At Elite Neuroscience Center, we treat patients of all ages, and specialize in the diagnosis and ongoing treatment of all conditions of the brain and the neurological system. In order to better serve our patients, we have world renowned experts in every major field of neurological care on staff. By putting these medical experts together, they are able to confer and share knowledge of their various specialties with each other, resulting in better care for our patients. We also do most of our diagnostic testing onsite for the convenience of our patients. 

If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, trembling, slurred speech, balance problems, etc. please call 469-312-1130 to make an appointment at Elite Neuroscience Center. 

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